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Cleaning Services

Noosa to Caloundra

Hueston’s provides commercial cleaning services across the Sunshine Coast. 

Office cleaning services

It's very important to have a clean working environment not only for the morale and good health of staff, but for your professional reputation too.

First impressions with potential clients are crucial.

We can tailor the office and work place services and frequencies to suit your budget and requirements, from once per fortnightly to seven days a week.

We carry Federal and State police clearances for your peace of mind and security. We can also supply all your cleaning and consumables products needed for around your office.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning - Short term neglect can be costly over time

Hueston’s cleaning services can clean all your carpets and upholstery to Australian standards and specifications.

There are two main benefits to proper carpet cleaning. Not only do you maintain appearance and texture, but you ensure that your floor covering remains hygienic  

Huestons also have portable carpet machines to complete high-rise and apartment carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Our stain treatment and removal processes are completed to Australian standards, using safe accredited products, including such components as additives and sanitisers, in-tank extraction detergents, low moisture cleaning agents, pre and post-treatments, rug and In-plant detergents, shampoos, and stain & odour removers.

Tile and Grout Cleaning - Sand and grit can dull glazed surfaces

Hueston’s cleaning services specialises in tile and grout cleaning using truck mounted extraction equipment to leave your tiles and grout not just sparkling, but hygienically clean too.

Regular cleaning also the stone and ceramic surfaces keep their original finish, maintains their slip resistance, and may highlight small day to day wear issues that if left unchecked long-term, would permanently damage the surface its installation.

Vinyl flooring - Get the dirt off before it gets ground in.

Hueston’s cleaning services will carry out stripping and sealing to new and existing floors, applying sealer coats and top coats as required to protect the vinyl leaving it in a high-gloss finish.

With regular cleaning and by using the correct products, Huestons create a strong barrier to protect your vinyl floors against fading, scratches, stains, and moisture. 

High pressure washing - Clean begins from the outside.

In a world where branding is more important than ever, the look of your company building and surrounding areas is vital.

Hueston’s cleaning services can provide high pressure washing services across the Sunshine Coast for buildings and concrete areas up to 3 stories high. 

External cleaning is also a form of maintenance, keeping the long term effects of the weather and even traffic grime at bay.

Window Cleaning - Let the light in.

Hueston’s cleaning services provides a window cleaning service to keep your office building or home looking sparkling clean. 

Apart from being important for your professional business image, regular window cleaning keeps the office environment lighter and brighter for those inside, and improves heating and cooling efficiency.

Body Corporate cleaning services

From small commercial unit blocks to multi– level high rise resort buildings, Hueston's can  supply a complete range of services to suite your needs.

And we offer cleaning schedules that range from a single day, to seven days a week.

Typically, Body Corporate cleaning covers all common areas, including toilets, foyers , carpets and windows.

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